Tomboy Tuesday Student Edition: Author Lindsey Bradford

It’s #TomboyTuesday again and we have another badass TomboyX lover to showcase. This time, it’s author Lindsey Bradford. TomboyX caught up with Lindsey to talk to her about her academic career, her desire to work with Autistic people, her book, “Ashway” and her love for TomboyX gear.

It’s back-to-school time and we wanted to talk to a tomboy student. Tell us about your academic life.

Lindsey: I started out being homeschooled so my mom allowed me to sort of learn at my own pace and about things that interested me. I taught myself to read when I was 4 and have always been a huge reader. When I went to college, I started as an English and Professional Communications major. I wanted to do something relating to writing since I love to write. But my classes kind of took the joy out of it for me and I wasn’t feeling passionate about it.

In my sophomore year, I took a psychology class as an elective. I loved it. I have Asperger’s (form of Autism) and sometimes I struggle with things like social anxiety, change and talking on the phone (or to new people). I wanted to know more about what makes me different and how to overcome my hurdles so I started to think about switching majors to Psych. Eventually I just decided it was the right fit for me, and made the switch.

We heard you wrote your book, “Ashway” when you were 15?

Lindsey: Yes. I started on it when I was 15 but I worked on it for a few years. My brother went away to college and he wanted to read it. I sent it to him and then he showed it to some of his friends and before I knew it, I had a contract to publish it. It’s now out on Amazon and in stores.

Are you working on a sequel?

Lindsey: Not yet. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to write a sequel on top of my school work. But I can see myself continuing the story after I graduate.

What makes you a tomboy?

What doesn’t? I am against patriarchy and the oppression it stands for. I have never loved wearing girly clothes or felt particularly feminine. I really see myself as a person more than a gender so I guess when compared to a girly-girl, I am a tomboy.

What’s your favorite TomboyX product?
I love the bags – I can’t stand the girly backpacks that I usually see at back-to-school time. TomboyX has some cool messenger bags and I appreciate how they sell re-purposed products so that things like seat-belts get a second life. The Claymore Waxed Canvas bag is at the top of my wish list. I could haul some books in that thing. I also love wearing the PRIDE tank. I’m straight but I’m an ally and very proud of my gay mom.