4 Habits We're Ditching This Summer

The days are getting longer in Seattle, the gloom of winter is burning off and we here at TomboyX are starting to look forward to jumping into our swimwear for the summer. Around TomboyX HQ it seems like every surface is covered in swim tops, swim bottoms, and our famous unisuit.We have swimsuits for all body types and a wide variety of styles to match the swimwear 2019 trends. All just waiting to be shipped out. With all this swimwear sitting around it’s no wonder more than a few of us have started talking about what we’re most looking forward to this summer. And, more importantly, what we’re no longer giving our energy to.

As we start getting ready for summer, we’re breaking habits that tell us we need to change and instead embracing that which makes us happy. We believe that the best version of you is the most unapologetic version, the one that flaunts every imperfection like it’s a badge of honor. Because life is short, summer is shorter, and we want to make the most of our time in the sun. Below are the five habits we’re ditching this summer. We hope you’ll join us.

ONE: Say goodbye to worrying about getting a beach body

a woman sits on the beach in a TomboyX swimsuit

It seems like every year diet culture sneaks into our ears and whispers little nasties about why you should workout more or eat fewer calories. Telling us that our bodies are too much and that we need to change them in order to be beach ready for the summer months. But at TomboyX we say there is no such thing as being too much, whether it be skin or attitude.

So this year we are ditching the entire idea of being beach body ready. No more crazy diet plans or weight loss fads. You’re better than that. At TomboyX, we believe that if you’ve got a body, then you’ve got a beach body. Or a pool body. Or a lazy summer day at the lake body. No changes needed.

With our biggest swim collection yet we think you’ll find a style that fits your body and personality perfectly. Not a fan of the traditional bikini? Check out our boyshort swim bottoms, or if you’re looking for a longer swim short try the 4.5” or 9” versions that are perfect for warmer weather. Or go full coverage with our rad unisuit, now in more colors. Whatever your style is, we have swimsuits for everyone.

TWO: Embrace slip-free swimwear

The summer season should be around reveling in the sun and the sand, not worrying about your swimsuit. That’s why TomboyX fits all of our products across a range of bodies sizes XS to 4X. Beyond that, we’ve created a line of swimwear that’s designed to move with you, no matter what fun activities you are trying out. Our racerback swim top fits like a regular bra so you don’t have to stress about coverage, while our swim halter top is designed to be adventure-ready for all your activities.

Traveling south, you’ll find our swim bottoms are always full coverage; because there are better ways to get cheeky than a revealing swim bottom. The TomboyX 7” board short is quick drying workhorse designed to be worn from the pool to the dance floor and everywhere in between.

THREE: Eat your favorite foods

Have we mentioned that we’re over diet culture? Because we are official over diet culture! No more rules, no more good foods or bad foods. From here on out there are only the foods we want to eat and the unconditional permission to eat them. At TomboyX, we encourage you to eat all your favorite foods, break out of your routine, try new activities, and stop worrying about what other people are doing this summer season.

After all, there are some foods that are just better in the summer heat. Watermelon on a hot day. Ice cream at the beach. Funnel cake at the fair. Yes to it all. As an added bonus, all our swimwear has built-in sun protection of UPF 50 so you won’t have to worry about UV rays melting anything other than your ice cream.

FOUR: Wear whatever you want

You prefer a swim tank to a bikini in warmer weather? Right on, we’ve got you covered in seahorses and ready to roll. Maybe you’re one to flaunt it all? Heck yeah! Get yourself some boyshort swim bottoms and a racerback swim top and embrace the feel of the sun on your skin this season. Or perhaps you think less is more when it comes to showing skin? Then the unisuit is the right pick for you. We’ve even got four colors and two inseam lengths so you can dial in your style.

Wherever your summer adventures take you, be sure to go in style, say hell yes to showing a little skin, and remember to flaunt that unapologetic attitude that makes you one of a kind.

Comment below. What are you doing or not doing to prepare for summer? What is no longer serving you? Which piece in our swimsuit collection do you want to try this season? We want to know so that we can celebrate the death of the patriarchy with you.