Tomboy Tuesday: Hannah Thomas Rocks!

Every now and then, a brand will meet someone who fits their product perfectly and that person will become a brand ambassador, using the product or wearing the clothing. Sometimes, it’s a match made in heaven. TomboyX found a brand ambassador that we think should be renamed “Am-BADASS-ador” because she rocks our clothes so well.

We recently caught up with Hannah to talk to her about her badassery, her love for TomboyX, and her new album, Carousel on Fire.

How long have you been a badass?
Ha! I'm a badass? I've always just been myself. Inspired by many others before who paved the road for me to be able to what I do. I just want to rock and that's what I've always ever wanted to do since I can remember. I had my first guitar when I was still a tot.

What is it that you love about TomboyX?
Well, they have menswear inspired clothing for women. I can't even begin to count all the times I use to say, "I wish someone made this for women..." And then, TomboyX did! I also love that they are a female-owned company and that they value quality, communication and community. Those are my values, too.

TomboyX Black Tank Top

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Tell us about your new album, Carousel on Fire.
It's a 5 song EP produced by Don Dixon (REM, Smithereens, etc..) Don played bass and all of the auxiliary instruments. Jim Brock (Indigo Girls, Hootie and The Blowfish, John Mellencamp) did all of the percussion. It was blast working with these guys. (Order the EP by clicking HERE)

I'm currently working on songs for the next record. Recording demos,etc with guitarist Cooper Carter. So far, it's a rocker!

Hannah in White Tank Top

Who is your favorite tomboy and why?
I've got to give props to recent Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Joan Jett. Joan has always stayed true to herself and her vision, defying the gender lines. She wanted to wear leather jackets and rock like the boys. No one could tell her otherwise. I've always connected with her in that way.

If you had to do something else for a living, what would it be and why?
That's a tough one... Even if I wasn't a performer, I think I'd still be in the music business in some way or fashion. It's running through my veins.

Check out more on Hannah Thomas by visiting her website or her Facebook page.

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