Shout Out to #badass Moms Everywhere!

Characteristics of Bad-Ass Moms

Sunday is Mother’s Day and we here at TomboyX want to celebrate all the bad-ass moms out there who make sure the kids are alright. A bad-ass mom is one who takes no crap, allows no disrespect and protects her child better than the secret service. What does this mom look like?

  • She teaches you to honor your commitments by not allowing you to quit the team when you’re no longer having fun.
  • She gives you chores that enable you to be a responsible adult that can cook and clean.
  • She can make a delicious meal that the entire family will eat using only 3 ingredients.
  • She doesn’t care if you want to wear boys clothes because she knows who you are and loves every inch of you.
  • Give her a dollar and she will stretch it until it screams.
  • She has high standards for anyone who wants to date you because she knows you are nearly too good for anyone.
  • She knows the names of all of your friends and, more importantly, where they live.
  • Repairman be damned! She knows how to do it herself.
  • Fake an illness and you will spend the day regretting not going to school.
  • She calls you out on your bullshit, but in the best possible way.
  • She can stop you in your tracks and back you down with a single gaze.
  • She always knows exactly what to say when things aren’t going your way.
  • Before you go to anyone else for advice, you go to her since she is a fountain of wisdom.
  • She taught you self-love by insisting that you always be yourself and don’t change for anyone.

To all of the moms out there who are changing diapers, chasing toddlers, grounding their teenagers, sending a few bucks to their kids in college, and dispensing advice, we at TomboyX applaud you. Thank you for your service to the world!