There are trade shows that happen at various times of the year and in various cities. The TomboyX team has attended a half dozen or so in the past two years. Each time we go we hope to find some cool clothes or accessories to add to our product line - with tomboy style. At the Las Vegas Magic show there are literally miles and miles of displays. Every convention center in town is full, with overflow into tents in the parking lot. 100,000 people attend. Each day we walked over 5 miles... and found two new vendors. There were LOTS of cool styles in the mens show, but the fit just wasn't right - too long, too tight on the hips, too big, etc. There were miles of high heels, skinny jeans with sparkles on the butt, lacy shirts and size ranges of small to large - what we would call xs to medium. Only more proof that we have to make styles for tomboys that fit real women's bodies but also their personality. More justification as to why there is a need for our brand and for us to continue to manufacture clothes with tomboy spirit. Because no one else is!

So please continue to support us and spread the word!

Like the new Frankie Sweater Hoodie we recently added.

More to come tomboys!