Going for the Gold!

No 'coulda' been a contender' statements here at TomboyX HQ - we're going for it right away!

Women have been wearing men's boxer briefs for as long as they've been in existence; borrowing from their brothers/boyfriends or buying in the mens/boys department. Today you can do a search for women's boxer briefs and you'll find feminized versions that are 'boy cut' and made from inferior materials, often with adornments and cuts that detract from the reason that tomboys want to wear boxers in the first place: feeling comfortable in one's own skin. The TomboyX branded waistband reflects the bad ass tomboy spirit with which these were made.

To find the perfect waistband we got samples from around the world. The TomboyX team did a touch test and chose the silkiest, softest band we could find. Julie then wash tested it three times. She took measurements to compare shrinkage and to see how it would hold up to being washed and dried. She stretched it out and left it for a while, then remeasured it. It was only then that we were convinced that we had found a waistband of superior quality. One that we are proud to have our logo on.


While this was happening, we interviewed connoisseur boxer brief wearing women who, due to lack of options, have always worn mens. They came to the warehouse, dropped their drawers and schooled us on what they love, dislike and hate about various other designs. Our design team took measurements and copious notes and then had the first sample made. We had women of various shapes and sizes come in, try them on and provide feedback. And we did it again. SEVEN times. When the final sample arrived and we got a "YES!" from everyone who tried them on, we knew we had found our fit.

We set out to become the premier designer of quality boxer briefs for women. We tested various fabrics and chose high quality cotton with just enough spandex to make sure it hugs your body comfortably. We've reinforced the stitching so that these briefs can withstand the rigors of being a tomboy. We are manufacturing them in Canada at a woman owned factory that pays sustainable wages. Naomi and I have personally visited the factory and can attest to the positive working conditions and to the awesomeness of Anna, the owner and woman in charge. We feel like we've found a true partner who is as excited to be bringing these new styles to women as we are.

We recognize that the price point may not be a good fit for every tomboy's budget, but we opted to focus on quality and not to compromise by using cheaper fabrics or to manufacture in places where we can't assure the workers are treated well. We also want you to remember that every dime you spend at TomboyX goes toward sustaining a small, women owned company that is fully focused on providing quality clothing and accessories to tomboys. Who else is doing that besides us?! We appreciate your support every step of the way.

A review from Fashion Stylist LaEisha Barton 

Thank you!

Fran and Naomi


p.s. We sent a pair to our talented brand ambassador, Hannah Thomas. She liked them so much she whipped up this little diddy.