TomboyX Values

TomboyX is committed to providing quality clothing and accessories for women with tomboy style. We aren't going to compromise our values and sell cheaply made products that are produced using labor practices we don't agree with and with materials that are sub par. Instead, we want to be the go-to place women can trust for a lifetime - not only the product but the service and commitment to community. We are not interested in contributing to disposable fashion. My favorite quote from Elizabeth Cline's book “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion,” is "Today, the United States makes only 2 percent of the clothing its consumers purchase, compared with roughly 50 percent in 1990; in 2010, Goodwill sold 163 million pounds of used clothes and household items. Cline travels to Guangdong Province in China, a region crowded with textile factories, and observes, “The air pollution was so thick I couldn’t photograph anything a quarter-mile off the highway — it was lost in the smog.” Another interesting read is a recent blog in The New Yorker magazine about Forever 21.

The biggest lesson we've learned this past year is that it takes a lot of money to launch a clothing line and we put every dime back into the company so that we can make ends meet and stay alive. We look at the progress we've made and are absolutely overwhelmed by the support and love we are getting from women world wide. Today we have over 21,000 Facebook fans and have shipped to 19 different countries. Women send us awesome photos of themselves wearing our brand and having great adventures. Every time we get a photo, we all smile and feel good about what we're doing. And in true tomboy fashion, we make something look easy despite the fact that it is a truly difficult endeavor.

So when we get stinging complaints (thankfully few) about pricing on our Facebook page or via email, despite having plenty of lower priced offerings, we have to realize that we cannot be all things to everyone. If someone looks at our Sweet Caroline shirt and balks at a $125 price tag, they aren't paying attention to the attention to detail that has gone into this really awesome shirt. From the fabric choice to the hidden buttons, the extra fabric that makes for the fun bits under the collar and inside the sleeves, and to the quality stitching that makes the shirt almost reversible. Not to mention that we manufactured it in the USA at a woman owned factory that employed with a livable wage a team of workers (primarily women) for several months to make our shirts, blazers and polos. We didn't intentionally set out to make a shirt that is worth $125. We set out to make a high quality shirt that women would look good in and that has some tomboy personality. We stand by the fact that we succeeded in doing so and assure you that it is worth every penny. But don't just take our word for it, read the reviews. The same goes for our LJ Polo, the Maggie Blazer and the other shirts in the TomboyX Collection.

I've already written about the amazing quality and craftsmanship of our Marcus Nelson Denim but do want to reiterate that they come with a lifetime guarantee and are Made in the USA. Marc had a passion for denim and is pursuing a dream. We're behind that 100%. It helps that we LOVE the fit of his jeans and the simplicity, yet acute attention to detail. Have you seen the x on the side? LOVE!

That being said, we are also committed to our younger tomboys and tomboys who are struggling to make ends meet. So we offer lower priced items that still meet our quality standards. Like this awesome TBx leather belt and hand forged buckle (in a variety of colors) for $44. Our TBx tank and brief combo is a great deal at $25. And a TBx branded Trucker Hat for $20? Now that's a steal! But please know that we are listening and are actively developing styles that we will be able to offer at lower prices, hopefully by fall. In the meantime, we hope you find something to your liking and within your budget so you can help us grow!

As always, thanks for reading. And know that your feedback is always appreciated! You can email us at