Musings and Announcements

From Russia with love Naomi and I often remark in awe how we seem to have struck a common nerve among women not only in the US but worldwide with the TomboyX brand. We have now shipped to 15 countries and have started a photo album of their flags on our Facebook page.

We've shipped TomboyX underwear, tank tops, Sweet Caroline's and watches to places as far away as the Land from Down Under to Russia, Switzerland and more. Regardless of where we ship there is a common thread - women proudly showcasing their pride to the world over by sending photos of themselves wearing our brand.

We absolutely love hearing women’s stories of adventure, accomplishment and importantly the deep sense of inclusion they feel in seeing TomboyX in the marketplace. We are so grateful to be on this journey with you all.  

So what’s new and exciting these days?  We've recently added the TOKYObay brand to our line and will be introducing some new button down shirt styles for the Spring. Last month we had our first radio interview with Traci Dinwiddie on Cathy DuBuono's show. Cathy and Jenny McNulty were hysterical as usual and yes, I really did toss a pair of underwear at Cathy (she caught it) and yes, Traci had rubbed them on her, um, person. If you don’t know who Traci Dinwiddie is, check out this videoCathy DuBuono holds up TomboyX briefs on air

We're super excited to announce that we’re going to hang out with Hannah Thomas at some shows where she’s opening for the Indigo Girls! Look for us March 16th in Asheville, North Carolina, March 17th in Chattanooga, Tennessee and on March 18th in Birmingham, Alabama! You can pick up TomboyX trucker hats, tees and tanks when you visit Hannah at her merch table.