Badass Mom and Musician, Adra Boo

 Adra Boo is not only a proud mother of two, but also half of the music duo Fly Moon Royalty. She shares what it's like to run around the clock with a day job, music career and blossoming children.



Tell us about your family.
I am a part time mom. On the weekends they are with me and my partner. My daughter is 16 and 6'2"!  My son will be 13 in June. They have been bonding with my partner, Holly, over the last two years.
How did things change for you after having children?

I have always been busy with a full time job. You occupy all the time you can. I have always been going going going. Living on 4 hours sleep. Before I had them, I never thought I would have kids. But, because we are always on the move, they were a lot easier for me to navigate. I would just bring them with me, with whatever I was doing. I want to set an example to for them to do what they want in life.



Tell me about your music.
Our music is soul at its core. It's me and another guy. He composes and sometimes raps. We have worked together for about 6 years. We just dropped a new album with a launch show. It was crazy. Normally, it's the two of us. But this time, we had a full on band and built a lot of momentum towards this album. We agreed this is the best of our four projects. We wondered how people would accept our music. But the way they responded- it was everything amplified. There are no words to describe the feeling. And even better, we will be performing with the Seattle Symphony and turning it into an epic soundtrack.
Are your kids interested in music?

Yes, my son has been practicing percussion in school. My daughter sings. I think for now it is a fun hobby for her. It took me until I was in my late twenties to know I wanted to make music for a living. Really, music is like water in our house. It just pours out of the faucet.




What is the biggest thing you've learned from being a mom?
Patience. Patience. Patience. It's not easy, but a child will teach you so much about taking things in. There's a way to do everything. Don't just do things off the handle. Explore all the possibilities. And I've learned to be present in the moment. My children taught me a lot when it came to my relationship with my partner. She is my first girlfriend and has been my best relationship. My kids made it so easy. They had no judgment or opinions. They only wanted to know if I was happy. It has been a gift. I am so appreciative that they are my children. They are amazing humans.
What about Challenges?

For me, once your kids go to school, there are a lot of outside elements. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has something to say. Keeping values in our household is important and challenging.




What advice would you give parents to be?
I wouldn't give advice. I feel like every child is different for every person. Everyone is going at a different pace. It's hard. If I had to tell someone anything, I would say to be patient. Parenting is busy. It's tiring. That's why they have sports- something to run your kids to sleep.
What could we do with our children to be better as a society?
Be open. Take your children places where they can be exposed to culture. Go and be open to things. Children are being coddled too much. Instead, expose them to different things. And have common sense. Unfortunately, that's not so common.