Air Force Veteran and Cancer Survivor, Cecilia Carroll

At TomboyX, we often get letters from our customers. They usually reach out to let us know how much they love our clothes. Sometimes, they thank us for our corporate culture of promoting strong women or our stand against fast fashion. But by far, our favorite letters come from the badass women that remind us who is out there representing our brand like a boss.

We recently got a great note from Cecilia Carroll. She has not only clothed herself with strength and honor, but she also wears our underwear. Please meet Cecilia Carroll:




TomboyX: You served in the military – tell us about that.

Cecilia: After I graduated from high school, I started checking into going into the military. I was really only interested in the Air Force so that’s what I joined. I worked on the Minute Men Missile System as a mechanic. 


Thank you for your service. We also heard you are a cancer survivor…

In early 2014, I went in for a mammogram. I felt a small knot on my right side so I brought that to their attention. They confirmed cancer with a biopsy. I went to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. It was a stage 2 and I got the treatments, including 6 months of chemo. Then, I had the bi-lateral mastectomy and a 30 day radiation follow up. Then, I had a hysterectomy. Since all that, every check-up I’ve had has been good. I go every 3 months.


Early detection was important. It was great that you were your own advocate and spoke up about what you felt.

Yes, and I also found out that I had a cancer gene. I passed it on to my daughter. Now that we know, she can be pro-active with her health. I feel passionate about promoting cancer research of all types but with breast cancer being of particular importance.


What are you best known for?

I am probably best known for my good sense of humor! I love to laugh and have a good time.


Who is your favorite Tomboy?   

My favorite Tomboy is my best friend, Diane. We met about 3 ½ years ago. We just hit it off. She was my physical therapist. She’s as much of a tomboy as I am, if not more so.  We have so much in common but we have enough differences that we really complement each other.


How did you hear about TomboyX?

I actually found out about TomboyX by accident while looking online for some better boy shorts than the cheap ones that don't fit well and don't hold-up. When I saw the TomboyX website, clicked on it and looked at the undies, I was like ‘Are you kidding? These are totally - and I mean exactly - what I have been looking for!’ I felt like someone was reading my mind so I had to try them. Needless to say, I absolutely love them! They fit great and feel soooo good! I love TomboyX.

Awwww - we love you, too, Cecilia! Thanks for sharing some of your inspiration and strength with us. If you know of a cool Tomboy like Cecilia that rocks our brand, drop us a note and tell us about her. We may want to feature her on our blog in the future.