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Five Women to Celebrate on International Women’s Day

. Mellina White-Cusack


Even in the year 2016, there is still much work to be done in the effort for gender parity worldwide. We encourage all to take action on International Women’s Day and celebrate achievement of women worldwide. Here are five of TomboyX’s favorite female disruptors. #IWD2016



Jenny Williamson, Founder of Courage Worldwide


Samantha, our Shipping Manager, admires Jenny's bravery in advocating for the care of girls who have survived sex trafficking. She is relentless in her desire to see girls rescued and restored. Her passion for preventing sex trafficking worldwide and her efforts to stir others to action are a constant encouragement to me.


Shirley Chisholm, Politician, Educator and Author


Fran, our Co-Founder and CEO, was impacted at a young age by Shirley. Seeing Shirley Chisholm speak in person changed my life. I was 25 and she said that her successes were due to the fact that if anyone got in her way, she simply side stepped around them and said “Out of my way, I’ve got work to do”.


Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer


Fran also admires the unwavering bravery of Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer. Her courage is beyond compare. As an Army brat who grew up with great pride for our flag, our country and our service men and women - seeing her stand tall by the US flag as an out lesbian Colonel while a woman spewed vitriol at her… she never wavered. She stood tall and firm, knowing that she was right. So powerful.


Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and Co-Author of “Lean In”


Sheryl inspired our Chief Merchant, Amanda, to move forward professionally in a new and meaningful way. I was reluctant to read “Lean In” because I didn't think I would learn anything new and I was put off by much of the media conversation that went along with the release. I've always been full throttle towards my career goals and I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful, loving husband who is my equal in every way and who also does his fair share of heavy lifting with the family responsibilities. However, her book showed up as a recommendation on my iPad from the L.A. Public Library when I was  at a transition point in my career. I impulsively decided to read it on a long flight. Her words helped me to realize that I was actually doubting myself and my abilities. It’s a little embarrassing and a cliche to write this but I am so grateful that she took the time to write her book and it's made all the difference in my life.


Civil Rights Activist, Diane Nash


Our Digital Media Manger, Mellina, salutes Diane’s quiet but impactful contributions to the civil rights movement. There were so many unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Diane Nash was one of them. She was a Freedom Rider and marched on Selma. Even in the face of violence and the threat of death, she never stooped to the behavior of her opponents. And she always, always practiced non-violence. She was an exemplary leader who helped change the course of our nation for the better.



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The Collective Voice

  • Dr. L.

    We owe a debt to these women, alive or dead, for their persistence, vision, and courage. Thank you, sisters.