10 Trans Folks to Follow on Instagram

Happy Trans Day of Visibility to all our beautiful and badass trans siblings! In honor of spreading the love we’re helping you diversify your feed by highlighting 10 trans and nonbinary babes who are doing the hard work. Support trans media by giving them a follow.


Amrou Al-Kadhi

Amrou Al-Kadhi (They/Them)

Amrou is a nonbinary Iraqi-Brit babe whose writing, filmmaking, and acting work discuss the intersections of queer identity, culture, and race politics. They are also a fabulous drag artist who performs under the name Glamrou. As if this wasn’t enough, they can also be heard on the BBC podcast NB where they co-host with their pal and fellow non-binary stud, Caitlin Benedict. Give them a follow.


Vivek Shraya

Vivek Shraya (She/Her)

Vivek is a Canadian artist who works across written media, musical, visual art, and film. She began her musical career at age 13, and has since gone on to release 12 solo albums as well as two albums with her band Too Attached. Vivek’s written work has been no less prolific, with a 2010 publication of God Loves Hair she kicked off a literary career marked by Lambda Literary Awards and critical praise. Her book, I’m Afraid of Men, challenges readers to widen their view of gender through a series of deeply personal stories. I’m Afraid of Men was named a Best Book by The Globe and Mail, Out Magazine, Audible, Apple, Autostraddle, Bitch, and BookRiot, among others. Give her a follow.


Molly Woodstock

Molly Woodstock (They/Them)

Molly is a Portland, OR based journalist, audio producer, and inclusivity educator. They are queer, trans, Indigenous, vegan and whip smart, among other things. They are the host of the podcast Gender Reveal. Now in its third season, Gender Reveal features interviews with nonbinary and trans artists and activists; offers updates on gender-related news and current events; and answers listener questions about identity, language and more. Give them a follow.


 Thomas Page McBee

Thomas Page McBee (He/Him)

Thomas is an author and journalist, and the first transgender man to box in Madison Square Garden. His first book Man Alive, which details McBee’s personal transition, is a Lambda Literary Award winner, and was also named the Best Book of 2014 by Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, NPR Books, and BuzzFeed. His second book Amature examines the tie betweens masculinity and violence through the lens of boxing. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife. Give him a follow.


AC Dumlao (They/Them)

AC is a queer, transgender, non-binary, first-generation Filipino-American living in New York with their partner. They are the voice behind the Instagram account Menswear Self Care, as well as the Facebook community page Call me They. AC’s writing can be found on Autostraddle, Broadly, and the Huffington Post. Professionally, AC is the Program Manager at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund where they manage the Name Change Project, which connects low-income trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people with volunteer lawyers providing free representation during the name change process. Give them a follow.


Meredith Talusan (She/Her)

Meredith is an albino woman, author, intersectional journalist, and executive editor at them. She grew up in the rural Philippines, moved to America when she was 15, and began to transition in her 20’s. Meredith’s writing revolves around the topics of queer, POC, and trans visibility and has been featured in The Guardian, VICE, BuzzFeed, Wired, and more. Her forthcoming book Fairest is being released by Penguin Randomhouse. Give her a follow.


Chella Man

Chella Man (He/Him)

Chella is a deaf, trans, model, artist, activist, and owner of a pretty rad Instagram account if we do say so ourselves. At only 20 years old Chella has risen to the highest echelon of the modeling world and was the first trans, deaf model to be signed by IMG. He is an outspoken voice in the world of intersectional identities and has an extensive YouTube channel where he documents his own transition. Give him a follow.


Lia Clay

Lia Clay (She/Her)

Lia is a portrait and fashion photographer based in New York. She has been pursuing photography since adolecence and has degrees in the subject from SCAD and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work looks to expand the portrayal of transgender people in the media by photographing trans people from an place of honesty and respect. Her childhood growing up queer in the South has deeply impacted her and continues to influence her work. Lia has photographed Hillary Clinton for Teen Vogue and her work has been featured in Candy, Aperture as well as studios around New York. Giver her a follow.


Ryan Cassata

Ryan Cassata (He/Him)

Ryan Cassata is a musician, activist, filmmaker, and actor who speaks at high schools and universities on the subject of gender dysphoria, being transgender, bullying and happens to be a total heart throb. Ryan has been playing music since the age of six. Now at 25, he’s provided music for soundtracks, played Warped Tour twice, and managed a successful career as a professional touring musician. As one of the most prominent young trans activists in America, Ryan has been instrumental in increased trans visibility. Give him a follow.


Teddy Quinlivan (She/Her)

Teddy began her modeling career in 2015 after being spotted by the creative director at Louis Vuitton. During her meteoric rise she strutted down the runway wearing everyone from Versace, Fendi, Coach, Marc Jacobs and more. Then in early 2018 Teddy did something that nobody saw coming; she publicly announced that she was trans and had been modeling in stealth for her entire career. Teddy says she was motivated the changing political climate and continued violence against trans women, especially those of color. Giver her a follow.