10 Of Our Favorite Signs From the Seattle Womxn's March

1. Rise Up & Resist


2. No fight was ever won with inaction.

Inaction: Weapon of Mass Destruction

3. The 116th Congress is just the beginning.

Elect W.O.C.

4. Even one is too many—1,475 is unacceptable. 

Where Are the Kids?

5. Or even worse, been expelled.  

Without Hermione Harry Would Have Died in Book One

6. See also: Turncoat.

Vote them Out

7. Bonus points for proper quote attribution.

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History

8. Fed. Up. 

Babes Against Bullshit

9. Ride or die for Notorious RBG.

Organ Donor for Ruth Bader Ginsberg

10. And spread like dandelions.

Let Equality Bloom