$1K Giveaway Winner


Meet Simone—an engineering student living in Virginia who isn't afraid to follow her own style and passions. She's the lucky winner of our giveaway, and we're giving her $1,000 to spend at TomboyX. Your stories are our stories, so we got to know Simone in an interview and want to share it with you.




Tell us a little bit about yourself.

For starters, I’m 19 years old (almost 20) and I’m pretty much a typical college student. One thing I don’t openly talk about is my sexuality. I am a lesbian, but you’ll probably hear me say “I’m gay” more often just because it’s easier for me. I never really hid who I was and I’ve always been open about it, but I don’t talk about it because most people don’t ask or they already know. I’m pretty nerdy/geeky and I love superheroes and all things related. I’m also an avid movie collector and I love all movies, well almost all. I also enjoy working out, which I do 5 times a week at 6am. I use to be in Navy ROTC, hence the early morning workouts.


What do you do for work or what are your career goals?

I just finished my sophomore year of college at Old Dominion University. I’m majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology with a double minor in Engineering Management and Film. As of now, I’m not 100% sure about what my future plans are.


What's your passion?

I have many passions. Engineering is obviously a big one, especially since there aren’t many female engineers. I have always been super passionate about film, which is why I decided to minor in it. I have a dream to hopefully be able to work in film some day.


Who is your badass inspiration?

I have a lot of badass inspirations, but if I had to chose just one, it would have to be Lilly Singh aka Superwoman. She’s a huge inspiration to me. She’s not afraid to be who she is and she expresses herself and her thoughts to the world in such a way that she can inspire anyone. I hope to one day meet her just so I can tell her how much she has inspired me to be myself and not let anything get in my way.


How would you describe your style?

My style is definitely a hard one to describe, but it’s pretty androgynous. My whole closet is pretty much guys clothes, but to me they aren’t guys clothes, they’re just clothes that fit me best. On an off/lazy day, I can just be in jeans and a t-shirt or maybe baggy basketball shorts and a tank top. But on other days, you can catch me in my favorite pair of desert boots with my crazy socks, red or blue chinos, and a short sleeve button down shirt with some sort of crazy design. When I dress like that, sometimes my friends ask who I’m dressing for, and honestly, it’s just for myself.


What are you going to buy first with your $1,000?

I honestly have no clue what I’m going to buy first with this $1000. I didn’t even expect to win! I never win anything. There’s so much to choose from, I have a lot of options.


When do you wear TomboyX?

I wear TomboyX whenever I can. I own about 6-7 pairs of the 4.5 inch underwear’s. They’re super comfortable and fit well.


What do you love about TomboyX?

What I love the most about TomboyX is the fact that it allows women to be who they want by wearing what they want. I’ve always hated that when you shop in the women’s underwear, you get underwear with the smallest amount of fabric. If we’re being honest, I prefer to cover more. I love that TomboyX makes different kinds of underwear for those that don’t want to wear the typical female underwear.