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Our Team

Meet the TomboyX Team:


Unofficial job title: Head Honcho

What she does: As co-founder and CEO, Fran is the central hub for all things TomboyX, and she collaborates with all departments to get s*&#! done.

When not working: Fran takes long walks with her labradoodle, and sneaks in late night games of Halo.

Being a tomboy means: Embracing her strong ability to lead; finding solutions to impossible problems; being an unstoppable force of female moxie. Bossiness came early to Fran—she often wrangled the neighborhood kids for a game of football or theatrical arts (with her playing quarterback and director, of course).





Unofficial job title: Honey Badger (except she gives a s*&#!)

What she does: As co-founder and COO, Naomi dips her paws into a little bit of everything (except cobra dens) for this sweet little business. Naomi keeps the ball rolling in customer service, merchandising, and operations.

When not working: Naomi voraciously reads novels, and hikes by rocky beaches on the San Juan Islands.

Being a tomboy means: Going after what she wants, regardless of how difficult the path is; having the guts to take risks and live for the adventure that is life. Naomi grew up playing baseball with the boys at her local park in NYC. On that field, she learned to play hard, and kick ass. There was no better feeling than being picked for a team before her older brother.




Unofficial job title: Believer In Chief

What she does: As Design Director, Barb responds to the needs and desires of TomboyX-ers, creating garments that will inspire, empower, and enable everyone to be their most awesome selves. 

When not working: Barb dances, sings off key, and spends time with cherished family and friends.

Being a tomboy means: Never being afraid to tell it like it is.







Unofficial job title: Keeper of Creative Order and Impeccable Delivery (also Kitchen Patrol)

What she does: As Director of Product, Julie sources the best ingredients from around the globe to meet the demanding food snob tastes and values that depict TomboyX. Julie whips up amazing products from the larder of suppliers and factories she has curated to give TomboyX it’s definitive, spicy sauce.

 When not working: Julie works at working it better. And loves to cook – anything - can you tell? And she loves the beach and walks, reading biographies and travel.

Being a tomboy means: Trying new stuff without worrying about what people say or think; doing it while respecting the culture and your own values; letting loose to do what you do best.





Unofficial job title: Apparel Swiss Army Knife

What she does: As Merchandising and Business Strategy Lead, Amanda helps us keep focused on current trends as well as our success and growth from a merchandising perspective.

 When not working: Amanda loves  to spend time with her wonderful family and friends, reading good books and traveling to exotic beaches as often as possible. She's also into yoga, napping in the back yard and playing the piano.

Being a tomboy means: Embracing the unique individuality of every woman, and instilling confidence and strength in the next generation of tomboys.



 Unofficial title: Keeper of the Comfort 

What she does:  As Pattern and Tech Designer, Dorothy specializes in technical design and patternmaking. Her mission is making clothes that work for the wearer—adding movement, providing protection, and including those small features that make a garment your favorite ever.  She has patterned garments worn at the South Pole and on Mt. Everest, engineered clothes for firefighters and bike commuters, and designed shirts that don’t gap, and pockets that are actually big enough to hold your stuff.

When not working: Dorothy swims in all manner of water, reads history, teaches pattern making and technical design, and loves living by a lake.

Being a tomboy means: being physical, doing what YOU enjoy, living life to it’s fullest.



Unofficial job title: Fairy Duster

What she does: As Art Director, Shena makes everything sparkle, whether she’s photographing badass tomboy models, laying out ads, or designing visual campaigns.

When not working: Shena swims (in whatever body of water is available, preferably under a full moon), reads, travels, and turns Martha Stewart’s classic baking recipes into gluten-free goodness. She likes dressing up, and beating you at cards.

Being a tomboy means: Doing anything you can do, better—in a skirt; being fiercely independent, a little competitive, and BFFs with her power drill—even when wearing lipstick.




Unofficial job title: Master of Ceremonies

What she does: As Digital Media & Events Manager, Mellina keeps her finger on the pulse of the tomboy community by staying engaged in social media, ensuring TomboyX’s responsiveness, and helping tomboys everywhere share their unique stories.

When not working: Mellina dives headfirst into the ever-growing foodie, cocktail, and wine culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Being a tomboy means: Proudly expressing who she is, regardless of stereotypes. As a child, it meant ripping her big, fluffy flower girl dress while running outside at her cousin’s wedding, much to the chagrin of her mother.






Unofficial job title: Walking Ray of Sunshine

What she does: As Shipping Manager, Samantha manages the warehouse and shipping operations, personally signing packing slips with encouraging messages to our awesome customers.

When not working: Samantha makes art, goes on adventures, reads dense theology, and drinks tea.

Being a tomboy means: Taking risks; daring to be fully herself; embracing a spirit of courage.






Unofficial job title: Boy Wonder

What he does: As Shipping Assistant, Taylor gets you the stuff you want, when you want it.

When not working: Taylor enjoys classic Hollywood cinema, mystery novels, and referencing the rainbow when choosing hair color.

Being a tomboy means: Though not a tomboy himself, he came to know and respect many great tomboy women as he grew up in Montana.