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Soft Bras Are Essential 

Is it just us, or are you over underwire bras too? If you’ve worn one, then you must be familiar with the pinching, chafing, and rib squeezing. Does taking off your bra at the end of the night feel like the highlight of your day? It shouldn't have to.

The TomboyX Essentials Soft Bra is the solution to all these problems and more.

Bras Fitted for Every Body Type 

There are as many body types as bras and even more opinions on this fashion basic. Every single body type is beautiful. We know that everyone deserves to have easier access to clothes that will fit them and make them feel confident.

Whatever your ideal bra silhouette, TomboyX has a design for you — from bralettes to compression tops and the star of this particular show: the Essentials Soft Bra.

That is why each Essentials Soft Bra is fit-tested on all body types, sizes 3XS-6XL. Whatever body type you have, you can be confident you’ll love this bra’s fit.

Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Bras

Bra shopping can be a pain (literally and metaphorically). Underwire and coarse materials used to be our only options. Times have changed, and we’re totally over this old-fashioned undergarment trend.

Now, some of us can’t remember why we’ve endured uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras for so long. But the good thing is that with Essentials Soft Bras, comfort is key (and so is style).

Let’s talk about support. We all need a little support now and then from family, friends, and our bras. Underwire has long been a go-to in terms of support. The Essentials Soft Bra is double-layered, and with our signature stay-put band that is as smooth as it is powerful, you can rely on TomboyX to give your mood a gentle boost.

Quality Cotton That’s Certified Awesome

What you wear all day should be both comfortable and safe. Essentials Soft Bras are made with 95% OEKO-TEX-certified cotton and 5% spandex. What is OEKO-TEX Certified cotton? We’re glad you asked.

Our cotton is certified through the OEKO-TEX Association, which primarily functions to provide products free of more than 100 substances that researchers find harmful to humans and the environment alike.

Social responsibility is a priority for TomboyX. That’s why with the Essentials Soft Bra, you are putting on material that is incredibly soft to the touch and safe in every aspect.

Part of our initiative is to produce sustainable and eco-friendly apparel, from the materials we use to the nitty-gritty of the manufacturing process.

Utterly Unique

TomboyX is passionate about providing products to its customers that will embolden and empower them. One way we do this is by listening to your needs and adjusting accordingly. Our Soft Bras are just one example of how we prioritize customer needs and comfort.

The Essentials Soft Bra comes in dozens of fun, unique colors and patterns so that every inch of your clothing is totally personal to you. Your bras should be versatile, adaptable, and totally one-of-a-kind — just like you.