Boy Shorts


    The TomboyX Boy Short is OG and just cute. A low rise cut, front seams, and finished hem leg openings says 100% tomboy aesthetic. Functional benefits include smooth sides, no bulking, and no riding up for all day comfort when sitting or moving.

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    TomboyX Boy Shorts

    Experience undie comfort and style on a whole new level with our collection of comfy and funky boy shorts!

    What Are TomboyX Boy Shorts?

    Boy shorts are underwear that sits somewhere between a bikini fit and boxer briefs. The waistband sits on the hips and legs, landing right on the upper thigh (like a classic pair of booty shorts). Boy shorts are a stretchy, comfortable undergarment go-to for everyone.

    Comfort to the Max

    Boy shorts are famous for being especially comfortable, and here’s why. The extra coverage avoids chafing and wedgies all day long. Especially if you lead an active lifestyle, boy shorts are a great undergarment option as they won’t ride or bunch up while you’re running, dancing, or just enjoying your day-to-day.

    Stretch and Structure

    Stretchy yet snug, these boy shorts virtually disappear under clothing. Our signature elastic stay-put waistband is thick enough to provide structure without feeling restricting. The 2.5” inseam ensures a full booty coverage fit. Finally, the durable flatlock seams contribute to a super-fitted, smooth look without bulky edges.

    High-Quality Fabrics

    Scrolling through our boy shorts, you may notice that some are made of 95% OEKO-TEX certified cotton, while others consist of 95% TENCEL modal (with 5% spandex thrown in for stretchiness). Here’s what that means:

    OEKO-TEX Certified Cotton

    We all love cotton for its softness, breathability, and long-wear qualities. OEKO-TEX-certified cotton has even more to love: the label means it’s been tested by independent labs under strict, frequently updated, globally standardized criteria and found free of harmful substances.

    TENCEL Modal

    TENCEL Modal consists of a type of fiber sustainably sourced from renewable beechwood trees. These fibers are compostable and biodegradable. The smooth cross-section of TENCEL Modal fabric ensures your undies are soft, durable, and, ultimately, environmentally friendly.

    Print and Colors

    From classic royal blue to a herd of rainbow unicorns, there’s something for everyone in our expansive array of colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for something simple or playful, you’ll find it here. Who says you can’t show off the phases of the moon or rep your rainbow pride under your jeans?

    Take Care –– Of Your Undies

    We’re confident you’ll find a pair of TomboyX undies to fall in love with. Once you do, here’s a quick reminder: although these threads are easy to maintain, cotton may shrink ever-so-slightly when washed on high heat. Take care to machine wash your cotton undies on cool, and tumble dry them on a low setting. Trust us –– you’ll want to keep them forever.