With the launch of our First Line series we're aiming to take the awkward out of periods and the taboo out of incontinence. Below we have three interviews with real TomboyX customers who are telling their stories and how leak-proof underwear is helping them live better every day.

What are some of your first memories around your period?

I was a Planned Parenthood legacy child. I had one of those children's books about the birds and the bees. So it was never a surprise to me. I always knew it was coming. I just never knew when. It was always kind of a crapshoot for me when it was going to come, but I never looked forward to it.

Can you expand upon your struggles with your period?

I mean, for the physical side, it's the obvious. None of us want to deal with that. And then jumping into gender, it just makes me feel wrong. And nobody in my life has ever told me that having a period is wrong. Something that I internalized was that periods are inherently female and to have one meant that I was binary. I had to be the binary.

So what initially drew you to period underwear? Do you have any stories that you want to share around traditional products and why they might not have worked for you?

Man, I just don't like tampons. I wish I could tell you some heart-wrenching story about toxic shock and everything, but they just freak me out, you know?

What about the TomboyX First Line series makes you excited?

The new Tomboy line that has the gusset for the wings, that's huge. It's never been done before, and it is so entirely necessary. I bled through a competing brand because you can't really use anything else with it except a tampon. And I refuse to use a tampon because I just don't like them. And I still get to wear underwear that makes me feel comfortable in my own body, especially on a day where I don't feel comfortable in my own body.

What is the benefit of gender-affirming period underwear?

Gender-affirming underwear that has the ability to help you on your period is huge. A lot of the times, it seems like we get one or the other but not both. And right now, Tomboy is providing us the chance to have both, something to keep us comfortable and dry from the inside out. It's taking care of us and not letting us fly under the radar. I don't know about anybody else, but it makes me feel seen. It makes me feel heard. It makes me feel appreciated, respected, and taken care of. And everyone deserves to feel that, even queers with periods.

Do you have a favorite period euphemism?

I love Aunt Flo.

What are some of your first memories around your period?

When I got my period, I was 11 years old. And I found out after a Christmas concert. And I remember I told my mother, and then she had to tell everybody else because she was so proud. I don't know why, but she was just so proud.

What’s it like getting your period today?

Because of my chronic digestive illness, I have a hard time getting my period. I'll have the symptoms, but my period will usually be late. And when it's late, I'm in so much pain, the cramps, nausea. I will be in bed for days.

Do you have any stories that you want to share around traditional products and why they might not have worked for you?

I use pads. But sometimes, I feel like I'm wearing a diaper, and it's not always comfortable. And especially being in a fatter body, a lot of chafing goes around. And so not only are you chafing, but you're chafing with this plastic pad. It's not something that's very appealing. To be able to have underwear where I can wear it on light days and not worry about having a pad and the chafing and then being uncomfortable is great.

So what initially drew you to period underwear?

Comfortability and just being able to relax and-- one of the things we fear having periods is leakage. And even though the type of underwear is for a light flow, you can still put a pad on there and feel more secure that if you do leak, you have a backup.

What about the TomboyX First Line series makes you excited?

I cannot wait to wear it and just be able to just roam around the house and not feel like I'm wearing a diaper between my legs, and just be able to crawl in bed and not have to worry or be concerned with the light flow, and just live my life without that fear that I'm going to always be leaking.

Do you have a favorite period euphemism?

Let the red river flow.

Do you remember learning about postpartum incontinence?

I don't remember learning that it was a thing. I noticed shortly after I gave birth and you could say I kind of learned on the spot.

Why did you choose to turn to incontinence underwear instead of other products?

If you do experience any issues with incontinence, whether it's something mild or something major, I think is important for me to feel as comfortable as possible. And choosing an underwear like this makes you feel comfortable. You feel like you're in your own skin, not like you have on something that can be seen in your clothes, something that makes you feel self-conscious.

How will First Line underwear help your day-to-day?

Having this type of underwear just gives me that extra peace of mind and security to know that if I'm dealing with something here, and I have to go there, that isn't going to leave me in a situation that I'm embarrassed.

What’s exciting about First Line underwear from TomboyX?

So what I think is exciting about it is that it holds up to eight teaspoons of liquid, so it'll be exciting just to see how it's made. How that actually works will be exciting. I've never seen incontinence underwear that's actually cute, that looks like normal underwear.